June 14

Sanghamitta played part of this talk by Ajahn Brahm:

Relax | Ajahn Brahm | 19 May 2017

May 16, 23 & 30

May 16
Sanghamitta shared the first 20 minutes of the talk below that covers Ajahn Brahm's explanation of Right Motivation (more commonly called Right Intention).

May 23
Another section of this talk, covering Right Speech was played.

May 30
And more...  right Action and Right Livelihood.

Word of the Buddha (part 6) | Ajahn Brahm | 9 April 2017

May 9 and Happy Vesak!

May 10 is the official date this year for Vesak - the biggest event in the Buddhist calendar.  It celebrates  the birth, enlightenment and final passing away of the body of the Buddha.  This is a link to Ajahn Brahm's Vesak celebrations from this past weekend.

On Tuesday evening, Sanghamitta offered a summary of Right View.  Here is a link to her written document.  She based it on Ajahn Brahm's overview of the Word of the Buddha - a teaching he gives every few years.  The original video of this teaching can be listened to here.  Sanghamitta's version is more geared towards lay people,

May 2

Sanghamitta shared this pre-guided meditation talk by Ajahn Brahmavamso.

After relaxing the body and the mind, if you get a lot of energy or very strong bliss coming up, A. Brahm explains that it can move into the body instead of the mind, especially if you are still focusing on the body.  He labels it "leaky bucket" syndrome.  A good energy in the wrong place that can manifest as pins & needles or shaking and which can be frightening.

He suggests that it can be caused by watching the breath at the tip of the nose or in the belly, meaning that you are focusing on the body instead of the breath itself.